The FlexMAX® family of flexible screw conveyors supplied by Airlock, are a rugged and reliable way to transport a variety of bulk materials. Our flexible screw conveyors come standard with an inlet hopper, screw casing, helical screw, discharge head and a motor with gear reducer. The bulk material is transferred up or along the casing by the rotating flexible
screw. Our flexible screw conveyors are commonly used with our bulk bag unloaders, bag break stations or large storage hoppers.
• Hoppers feature true 60° feed hopper sides and FASTFLO rounded corners eliminating product hold- up
• Low-cost and versatile
• Add-on options for a custom machine
• A flexible tube that allows routing around fixed objects
• Dust-tight, completely enclosed
• Low maintenance with only one moving part
• Simple disassembly for easy cleaning
• 3″, 4”, 5″ and 6” nominal sizes for a wide range of flow rates
• Feed at rates up to 450 cubic feet/hour in conveyor lengths up to 40 feet
• Product contact surfaces are 304SS and UHMWPE
• FastFLO Corners
• TRUE 60°Sides
• Reduced Product Build-up
• Fast and Easy Cleanout
• 304SS or SS316
• Standard and Easy Clean
• Easy Access for Cleaning and Maintenance304SS or SS316
• Standard or Custom
• Any IP Rating
• PLC Control Available
• Fixed or Variable Speed