By-Pass Valve (BPV)

• Cast Aluminium construction
• Available in various sizes
• Used in lean phase systems
• Can be installed in any position
• Used in pneumatic conveying & Water treatment systems

The valves are available in sizes 2” to 8” and made of Aluminium material.
The plunger is made of a rubberized disc. The valve is pneumatically operated with Reed switches as
the position sensors.

These valves are typically used in Lean – phase Pneumatic conveying systems for both pressure and vacuum.
BPV is used to provide in – line vacuum relief in the vacuum systems and provide safe operation conditions for blowers and vacuum vessel/Hopper.
In a pressure system with the BPV the air is vented out to the atmosphere when not needed while changing diverter valve direction instead of switching of the blower.
This is used in Water Treatment system as an Un-loading valve in the blower line.

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