Scale Valves (SV-C)

Scale valve is principally to divert materials in pneumatic transit to receiving vessels. This diversion can be used for such things as in-line filling or bulk storage bins, scale hoppers / weigh hoppers or process hoppers.
In the straight through position, the inlet and exit points are aligned through the machined bore of a rotating paddle so that the material passes straight through the valve. Set in the diverting position, the air and the material enter the inlet port to be directed downwards by the diversion paddle, into the receiving vessel.
Scale Valves are available in sizes 2″, 3”, 4”, and 6”.
Complete air controls are provided as standard, including the air cylinder and solenoid and two position limit switches.
Final filtration or residual conveying air can be carried out at a location remote from the receiving vessel


• Compact Form
• Optimal Sealing
• Simple Construction
• Minimal Process Loss
• Available in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Materials
• Available with Flange or Pipe Connections

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